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McKenzie Wilkes (she/her) plays Astrid Elvëa, the wild elf beastmaster ranger/scout rogue Demigod of Constellations. McKenzie is a Chicago-based actor and podcaster from Memphis, TN. When she’s not playing D&D with the Demiteens she’s rolling dice as Dylan Rose on the podcast Dungeons, Dice, & Everything Nice. She also portrays Chathy Lu, the Eldritch Abomination Warlock of Cthulhu, in Improvised Dungeons and Dragons at Otherworld Theatre in Chicago. In her free time she can usually be found talking about Scooby-Doo, listening to Cher, or drinking Dr. Pepper.

Joey “Gnome” Barranco (he/him) plays Teodor Zildaya, a gnomish eldritch knight and the Demigod of Diamond. Gnome is your friendly neighborhood transbro, communications wizard, editor, writer, podcaster, and performer! He is an active force of positivity in the TTRPG online community and DMs/performs in several Twitch shows and podcasts including Rise of the Demigods, Little Busters on EncounterRoleplay, and Tales from the Five Nations. Gnome is also the social media manager for Kobold Press and has served as a publicist, game journalist, photographer, screenwriter, and diversity consultant.

Arvey Basa (he/him) was first exposed to the world of Dungeons and Dragons in the mid-90’s when he received a copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, which was set in the world of Dragonlance. Shortly after he joined the D&D club in junior high school, started playing 2nd edition D&D, and never stopped roleplaying from then on. Playing Janus de Cassiel in Rise of the Demigods is his first foray into the podcast and video ttrpg universe. At home in Chicago, he runs several campaigns with a variety of wonderful nerds. He also enjoys exploring other roleplaying game systems such as Call of Cthulhu, The Strange, Legend of the Five Rings, and Bluebeard’s Bride. Arvey studied Classical and Ancient Greek Archaeology, one of his passions is researching and developing fantasy worlds steeped in ancient real world cultures.

Niky Crawford (they/them) is a performer, writer, and genus of small rodents originating from Houston, Texas, found mostly in recently cleaned alleyways. From forming a touring percussive storytelling group as the high school’s unofficial band class, to co-creating immersive theatre pieces about a farmers market of interdimensional demons and conmen, Niky has always had the creative knack to film dead bugs in the corner of their mom’s dining room – just in case something happens. A recent transplant to Chicago, Niky now spends their time pretending to be sick for medical students, writing zines about the giant fetus inside The Bean, and thinking of pretentious and self-aware things to put on a bio.

Aram Vartian (he/him) is a producer, writer, and a game designer who recently moved to Chicago from Washington, D.C. In addition to Rise, he writes and edits the actual play D&D podcast Godsfall, and is planning a superhero actual play podcast called Eveolution Earth in late 2019.


Guest Stars:

Tommy Schuberth – Zendar Garrul (Demigod of Shadows)




Astrid (Demigod of Constellations)

The wood elf Astrid Elvëa is the daughter of Alvoran and Frederick. She is from a small farming village to the North, where she was joined by her loyal direwolf companion, Luna.

Belora (Demigod of Potions)
A red-cheeked halfling with auburn hair and a golden sheen across her eyes. Belora dresses in a carefully constructed tan tunic with dozens of pockets stitched into the arms, legs, sides, and forearms. A brown robe made with equal care (and more padding) sports glass bottles, stoppers, reagents, and an assortment of tools.
Demren (Demigod of Constructs)
A handsome Dwarf in the equivalent of her late teens with perfectly trimmed beard and hair, both deep brown. Her eyes are a soft hazel and twinkle readily when she smiles. Her skin is dark, with an ample spray of pale freckles across both cheeks. She wears a robe and jacket sewn with many pockets, along with a worn leather belt that sports even more pouches and enclosures. She also carries a backpack filled with a variety of tools and units of measurement.
Kailu (Demigod of Vines)
A Wood-Elf with a shock of flame red hair and pale, freckled skin, Kailu delights in their divinity. Often wearing nothing aside from some carefully wrapped foliage, the Demigod of Vines has largely eschewed the morale hangups of his humanoid existence. They view both their sex and sexuality as fluid, and seeks to live as plants do.

Kree (Demigod of Lasers)
A young aarakocra with bright, colorful feathers covering most of his body, with a mane of bright emerald surrounding his face and neck. He is shy and a tad meek, but fiercely loyal. He is able to focus light into powerful lasers use glass and diamond prisms.

Malvorn (Demigod of Victory)

A tall, striking 19-year-old with a cropped head of black hair and piercing emerald eyes. He is athletic and lithe, and skilled with many forms of weapons and armor. He is claimed by Barros as one of her five official demigod children, and has benefited from the finest tutelage and mentorships since he was a child. He is arrogant and superior unless he sees that acting otherwise would gain him an advantage.
Slugs (Demigod of Spiders)

A Goblin with slicked-back hair and soft, brown eyes. He is frequently hunched over and runs along walls and ceilings on his hands and knees.
Ssoumu (Demigod of Obedience)
A Yuan-Ti Abomination with a wide hood that wraps around both sides of her neck and a coiled tail that starts just below her abdomen. Ssoumu rests a few inches taller than most humans. She is slender and muscular, moving with impossible speed and grace in combat.
Toola (Demigod of Acrobatics)
Toola is a slender orc with powerful legs and forearms. She wears leathers cut close to her body so she has full freedom of movement, and usually wears a long overcoat with a high collar.
Virok (Demigod of Waterfalls)
A Goliath standing well over seven feet tall, Virok is strong and imposing. His dark-gray skin is nearly uniform, save for a series of jagged bolts of silver that run up his back and across both shoulders. Virok is usually quiet and sullen, but perks up when engaged in competition.
Wendell (Demigod of Otters)
A human boy with deep olive skin and a nest of curly black hair. He is short and somewhat frail, and his gangly limbs and narrow torso make him appear taller than he is.

He dresses plainly: a simple shirt, shorts, and a pair of rope sandals. Over each shoulder and crossing over his chest are a pair of large, wax-lined sacks that sit at his hips and extend to his ankles. Each is magically filled with water, and keeps one of Wendel’s otter familiars (Flip and Flop) comfortable and hydrated.

Zali (Demigod of Arms)
A Half-Elf of sixteen, the Demigod of Armor has the ability to summon increasingly powerful sets of armor, weapons, and shields, as well as dismiss them at will. At higher levels, she can even summon magical items that duplicate armor and weapons. She dresses in silks worn close to the body of midnight and silver, tied at her waist with a silver rope.
Zendar (Demigod of Shadows)

A Tiefling with coal skin and white eyes, Zendar stands a few inches shorter than most male humans. He is slender and muscular, impossibly good looking, and lithe in movement.