August 29, 2018

Rise of the Demigods


The Rise of the Demigods Kickstarter was 100% funded in less than 24 hours!

Before the Godswar, before the Worldstorm, before the Five Kingdoms were all that was left of life on Khalgun, demigods strode across the planet like divine kings and queens. Mankind and god alike sought to control them, but a few would rise beyond the old order.

In this book, players create their own custom demigods and introduce them to the world of Khalgun before the destruction of the Godswar. Rise of the Demigods will have custom spells, divinities, divine feats, creatures, places, maps, and the introduction to the first Godsfall adventure: Spark of Divinity.

Rise takes place just before the breaking of the world, when the Old Gods sought to bolster their claim on Khalgun by siring demigod offspring to rule it. Their divine children laid waste to whole continents in their name, and many mortals of the realms grew to despise them.

Coalitions were formed and armies marched upon their divine creators, slaughtering many of the demigods and threatening the rule of the gods themselves. As the people’s’ faith waned, so did the gods’ power.

Desperate to halt this erosion, the gods called a council to deal with the demigod issue once and for all. It was decreed that each god was allowed to claim three demigod offspring. Those who are born unclaimed must prove their worth through training and trials in the divine halls and magical valleys of the Temple of Udea.

Spark of Divinity is the first in a series of adventures designed for young demigods who are just discovering their powers in a world grown hostile to godly whims.

Inquisitors from the Temple of Udea scour the land in search of the Unclaimed; children of gods who abandoned them, and who have no knowledge of their birthright, and those illegally sired by a pair of demigod parents.

The magical fields and valleys below the Temple of Udea are filled with monstrosities and magics from every divine house…and a handful of true horrors not native to Khalgun. The players will have to face many of them, all while trying to survive the plots and schemes of the other demigods. Not all demigods go unclaimed, and those who have the full-force of their godly parents behind them are the temple’s greatest threats.

Players will navigate their newfound powers while struggling to survive the many tests and trials of the temple. They will be forced to rely on the clan to which they are assigned; one weak link will bring them all down.

Rise will have full audio tracks (descriptions for every text box with music, sound effects, and atmosphere) so you can bring our editing magic directly to your table. If we hit our stretch goals, we’ll bring in additional voices from the Chicago area to play the major NPCs.

We’ll also be offering customized Spark of Divinity adventures, including a special opening that announces your world and the names and backgrounds of your players. Podcasters will be able to snag additional audio rewards, including an introduction to their show by DM Aram.

We have some great add-ons as well, including a new worldmap (currently in production) that will show Khalgun as it was before the worldstorm engulfed most of the planet, online workshops for worldbuilding and character creation, and even the ability to have your own podcast edited just like we produce Godsfall.

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